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Carver Middle School’s academic departments offer a wide range of educational and enrichment programs for students in grades six through eight. The school has several academic departments including English, Math, Science, History, and Foreign Languages. Students can begin to extend their learning based on their individual interests and explore elective classes in areas such as music, foreign languages, technology, and more. Students will also have the opportunity to see options for honors courses. All eighth-grade students finish middle school with an academic and career plan based on career pathway interests. Middle school counselors help to identify specialty centers and career and technical center opportunities that align with their academic and career planning.




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What is Partnership for Los Angeles Schools?

The Partnership for Los Angeles Schools is an independent non-profit that manages 19 LA Unified schools and serves over 14,200 students in the communities of Boyle Heights, South LA, and Watts. We work closely with school leaders, teachers, parents, and community partners to provide additional supports for students in our schools, and we also advocate for educational equity and resource equity for high-need schools in Los Angeles and beyond.


How does the Partnership work with parents and families?

The Partnership believes that parents and families are essential to students' academic success. We promote parent engagement in many ways, but especially through the Partnership network and empowerment program, Parent College, which is offered to all parents in the Partnership network and beyond. At Parent College, we help prepare parents to hold their children to high academic standards, create a college-going culture at home, and advocate confidently for their students at school. This program also includes "University Day", an annual visit to four-year college campus where families get to attend college-going workshops.


Parents are also encourage to join our on-site Family Action Teams, comprised of parents, teachers, community partners, students and school administrators. This team works to get more parents engaged and involved at school and with student learning. Family Action Teams work to increase communication between school and home, make decisions at the school level, and establish shared accountability for achieving school goals. The Partnership plays a key role in training and coaching school-based Family Action Teams and providing supports for successful team development. We also build the capacity of our teachers to engage families beyond the classroom when they lead Family Action Teams.


Parents also can join United Parents for Educational Justice (UPEJ), a parent organizing and advocacy group supported by the Partnership of Los Angeles Schools. This parent-led group focuses on policies that will improve schools, such as pedestrian safety and equitable school funding. UPEJ recruits parent leaders across Partnership schools and meets several times a month to strategize for its advocacy campaigns.


What other ways does the Partnership support our school?

The Partnership brings additional supports to our school in the form of local and national community partners. who serve the individualized needs and goals of our school and communities directly. These include after school mentoring and tutoring services for students, college support, visual and performing arts, leadership, and health and wellness programs, among others.


The Partnership also invest heavily in teachers through comprehensive professional learning, leadership development, and coaching. Professional learning for teachers helps to ensure that students receive an excellent data-driven education tailored to their individual needs and responsive to the latest academic standards. We also support teacher leaders who assist fellow teachers with assessment and planning,  school culture and restorative practices, and peer coaching.


Does the Partnership support our school's administration?

Yes! Support for principals and assistant principals is a big part of what we do, too. We are known for hiring the best school principals, who receive intensive support and coaching that goes beyond what Los Angeles Unified provides. This includes year-round professional development that is aligned for principals and assistant principals. We also provide additional operations support and advocacy to help our school make the most of our budget to maximize services for our students.


How does the Partnership support students in their journeys to and through college?

Schools in the Partnership network participate in "College Compass", an initiative that prepares students at every grade level to attend the four-year college of their choice after graduation and to succeed once they arrive. College Compass supports students by setting goals to move them towards college eligibility and college graduation; participating in activities and experiences that can prepare them for college, and inviting and engaging families in Parent College and the Partnership's annual University Day event.


To learn more about the Partnership, visit our website and follow us on social media. | Partnership Playbook

@PartnershipLA - Facebook | Twitter | Instagram




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Introduction to Course

The leadership class is a year-long elective that is open to students who are motivated to improve their leadership skills by their involvement in classroom activities, student government, student activities, and community service. The curriculum also includes teacher led lessons using appropriate literacy strategies.


Goals of this Course

  • To develop responsibility, self-esteem, creativity, leadership and school pride

  • To develop skills in event planning and bringing ideas to life

  • To encourage productive student-teacher relationships

  • To develop positive school/community relationships and peer-to-peer relationships

Expectations of Students in Leadership

  • Students are expected to exemplify qualities of good leader such as: modeling the way, encouraging the heart, inspiring a shared vision, enabling others to act, and challenging the process in a productive way.

  • Students are positive role models to their peers at Carver Middle School

  • Students are willingly available to participate in various activities & are willingly available before, during and after school.




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